Central Office Volunteer Opportunities

The Central Office is on the front lines of working with the still suffering alcoholic.  Here are ways you can join us in connecting them with meetings.

Speaker Bureau Join a list of Volunteers to present at Speaker Meetings at groups in the area.


Opening Central Office: Setting up the office to get the day started, by making coffee, taking the phone line off of the hotline and checking with staff to see what the day will bring.

Phone Coverage: Answering phones, directing calls within the office, as well as using the website to give meeting info and other resources to callers.

Customer Service & Purchase Order processing: Greeting customers, processing orders. Checking merchandise against purchase order, stamping books and stocking shelves.

Filing Invoices: Printing and filing proper paperwork for invoices. Hole-punching other documents to go into books we keep for the Board.

Event Flyers: Pulling old flyers from the flyer shelf and putting in the ones coming up.

Will Call Shelf: Taking orders for people who are running in and out to be ready for them and placing them in a box with their invoice ready.

Corporate Notebook: Putting Board and Delegates meeting information in the correct notebooks for future reference.

12-Step Volunteer Call List: Updating and printing them to be available for the office and hotline 12 step calls.

Hot-line Schedule: Helping to ensure that the hotline will always be covered by calling volunteers and updating the hotline schedule.

Stocking Shelves: Stamping and placing items in appropriate shelves.

Misc office tasks: Copiers filled, restroom stocked, meeting changes documented, core volunteer checklists, cleaning & maintenance, closing central office.

Volunteers make it possible for the Office Staff to ensure the behind-the-scenes activity is done accurately and efficiently, by freeing up their time to place merchandise orders, process accounts receivable and payable, updating website, creating a seamless environment using the latest technology and service desks, updating inventory lists, creating an informative newsletter and insuring files are kept up to date. It takes many to make things move gracefully and after all this is a WE program!!